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Ulyydian || Saturday - 08 .23 . 03 || 16:13 pm (EDT)
Back from Trip

Well! Just wanted to say I just got back from a trip from San Fransisco. EA invited me to see there new upcoming game, Ultima X Odyssey! I must say this is going to be a BIG hit. I was amazed by what I saw, even in the pre-alpha stages the game was very stable, looked great, and we didn't see any real bugs. I'll post some screenshots up after I get the pics developed.

I'm still working on the new fan site for that game so I will be posting information on that also. In the meantime, I have uploaded the trailer to our server so you can check it out. I also happened to be one of the winners in the pvp contest we had there, that was a blast.

Trailer - View the trailer here

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